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A tour tailored for you!


About the Bespoke Tour

Our bespoke tour offers an experience tailored especially for you.

Whether you want to see the delights of the market, explore subterranean passageways or hear more about the world-famous bands who've played at the Corn Exchange we'll be happy to show you all.

Your local guide will take you on a truly unique tour from the height of Bristol's trading past through WW2 and the swinging 60's into

the city's vibrant present.

If you're looking for a personal tour or would like to organise

a group visit we would be happy to provide the perfect experience.

Why not start with bubbles at the Harbour Hotel or finish at a nearby Pirate haunt for a barrel of rum!

We'll be happy to organise it all.

Tours last for 2 approximately hours and start at £120.

Just drop us an email with your requirements and we'll be happy to get back to you shortly.



£120 - 1-5 people

 £160 - 6-10 People

   £200 - 11-20 people

     £250 - 21 -25 people.




 Yo ho ho! - £55 extra per tour

 Maybe you're feeling in the Bristol spirit and would prefer an ancient Pirate haunt or famous cider bar to start or end your tour. We've got great knowledge of all the best establishments and would be happy to escort you to the door whilst telling you all our best Pirate tales along the way.


 Norman Castle and Blitz experience - £10 extra per person

 Why not extend the tour to take a look at the Norman Castle remains and Blitz damage in Castle Park.


Ghost-PNG-Clipart (1).png

remember to keep a look out for margaret our friendly ghost!

Unique behind the scenes access

Anytime, Anywhere

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