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Perfect for a rainy day!!

About our Tours


A tour of two halves!

Join St. Nicholas Market and Air Raid Shelter Walking Tour in England's number one covered market for an experience you'll never forget.

Our local guides will take you on a unique tour from the height of Bristol's trading past through the swinging 60's to the city's vibrant present.


Enjoy privileged access to subterranean passageways, roof top vistas, WW11 air raid shelters and rooms which once rocked to the best bands in the world.


Once you've been fascinated and amazed, you'll be spoilt for choice with places to eat, drink and pick up the best local gifts to take back as a lasting reminder of your stay in Bristol.

We offer the only way to see behind the scenes of the most important building in town and Bristol's most historic area.


You might even meet Margaret our friendly ghost!

Ghost-PNG-Clipart (1).png
Ghost-PNG-Clipart (1).png
Ghost-PNG-Clipart (1).png
Ghost-PNG-Clipart (1).png

"Bristol's biggest public Air Raid Shelter hidden beneath the city's most important building."

St. Nicholas Market Bristol tourist alley way pub Rummer Hotel

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