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A tour tailored for you!


Engage and indulge..

Whatever your occasion we can create an experience which will exceed expectations.


​Whether your team is new to the city or has been here for many years we can offer unique perspectives which will leave everyone amazed.


​We'll take you from beneath the streets to above the rooftops. From WW11 air raid shelters to the city’s best street art.


​Why not begin with bubbles at the Harbour Hotel or finish at a local Pirate haunt once frequented by the real-life Robinson Crusoe.


​You can start and finish at a time of your choosing and your guide will be happy to escort you from your hotel or to a local restaurant/bar.


​Using our standard tour as a basis feel free to add on all the extras you require!


​Don't hold back!


 The standard tour begins from outside the main entrance of the Corn Exchange.


​After taking in some fascinating sites in the heart of the old town your guide will lead you beneath the streets for a truly unique subterranean experience.


​(Hidden beneath the Corn Exchange remains Bristol's largest WW11 air raid shelter which has been left untouched for 80 years. Even doodles made during air raids are still visible on the walls from those dark nights in the 1940's.


​You'll then see rooms once used by bands such as the 'Rolling Stones' and 'The Who' before they played upstairs in the 1960's, rooms still fitted out from filming Dr. Who and other film and TV  productions and hidden rooms from the Buildings past stretching all the way back to 1741.


​We'll take a stroll on the roof-top to see Bristol's old town from a completely new perspective before finishing with a closer look at England’s finest indoor market amongst our famous food stalls for a mouth-watering lunch!


​If this is not enough, we have more to offer so just ask!



£120 - 1-5 people

 £160 - 6-10 People

   £200 - 11-20 people

     £250 - 21 -25 people.



Bubbles at the Harbour hotel - £7 extra per person.

 If you fancy making the experience even more memorable why not start at the Harbour Hotel with a glass of bubbles or a meal. We'll happily make the reservations and be sure to get you the best price.


 Yo ho ho! - £55 extra per tour

 Maybe you're feeling in the Bristol spirit and would prefer an ancient Pirate haunt or famous cider bar to start or end your tour. We've got great knowledge of all the best establishments and would be happy to escort you to the door whilst telling you all our best Pirate tales along the way.


 Norman Castle and Blitz experience - £10 extra per person

 Why not extend the tour to take a look at the Norman Castle remains and Blitz damage in Castle Park.

To book please email or call -
07909 221 684.

          Tel: 07909 221 684

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