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All you need to Know..

When and where?

The tour lasts two hours.  We start from outside the main entrance of the Corn Exchange on Corn Street. We finish at 1pm amongst the food stalls of the covered Market. The perfect spot for lunch!

What distance is the tour?

One mile. We begin by exploring some fascinating alleyways and back streets in the old town. We see Blitz damage, Street Art, learn about the Trans Atlantc Slave Trade and the origins of the city before heading into the Corn Exchange/Market area. We then see our WW11 air raid shelters in the basement before heading to the roof top to look down at the city and exchange hall. We finally take a look at rooms used in film and TV before finishing amongst the food stalls in the main arcade. There's so much to see without much walking!

How much?

The tour costs £14 for adults and £7 for children under 16. Bespoke bookings start at £120.

Does the tour involve staircases?

Yes. We will be heading below the streets and to the second floor of the Corn Exchange. Our route therefore involves using 3 sets of stairs and one set of steps.

Is there disabled access?

Regretfully the standard public tour including the basement and upper floors is not suitable for wheelchairs however we can coordinate a route which is wheelchair friendly as part of a Bespoke tour.

What should I bring along?

Sensible shoes are recommended. We won't be walking a huge distance but it's probably best to leave your Jimmy Choos at home!

A bottle of liquid. Especially on a hot day!

An umbrella. Although we have plenty of cover we will still be taking in some fascinating sites in the historic streets surrounding St. Nicholas Market.

A camera. You never know, you might be the first one to snap Margaret our friendly ghost on film!

What about a rainy day?

We have plenty of rain cover with over 50% of the tour being undercover but bring a brolly just in case..

What is your Cancellation/Refunds policy -

As long as you give us 24 hours' notice you will receive a full refund. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the tours we cannot provide a refund for same day cancellations or no shows.

Are there Toilets on route?

Yes, there are public toilets available within the market.

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          Tel: 07909 221 684

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