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Bristol, Bath &

A tour tailored for you!


See the city in Style


Right from the start this tour is all about you.

We aim to bring you an experience which will exceed expectations so don't hold back!

Your guide Duncan Mckellar has extensive knowledge of all parts of Bristol and all aspects of it's history and contemporary culture. As the founder of the Blackbeard to Banksy walking tour, the St. Nicholas Market walking tour and as an established Street Artist he can truly claim to be the ultimate guide.

You can start and finish at a time of your choosing and we will be happy to escort you from/to your hotel a local restaurant/bar.

There really is no limit. We even have access beneath the streets and above the rooftops.

(As the official guide of the Corn Exchange Duncan has access to underground tunnels which once were the home of Bristol's largest WW11 air raid shelter. A time capsule left untouched since those dark nights back in the 1940's.)

We can even take a tour of rooms which once rocked to the best bands of the sixties including the Rolling Stones and the Who.

Tour off limit areas seen on film and TV and even take a trip to the roof  to view the Old town from a perspective unavailable anywhere else.

If you need recommendations for food or places to visit outside of the tour just ask!

Why not begin with bubbles at the Harbour Hotel or finish at a local Pirate haunt once frequented by the real-life Robinson Crusoe?

We can arrange Gin and CIder tastings with local suppliers and much much more!

Your wish is our command..





Prices for Bristol Walking tours

2 hour city centre tour - £150 (for 1-2 people.)

4 hour tour (inlcuding Clifton or Stokes Croft) - £250 (for 1-2 people.)



Bubbles at the Harbour hotel/Avon Gorge Hotel - £18 extra per person.

Blitz Experience -  Air raid shelter and rooftop adventure - £30 extra per tour.

 Hogarth Masterpiece - £20 extra per person

 We have access to other privileged area, the Hogarth masterpiece in St. Nicholas church and medieval crypt. Usually out of sight for the public we can arrange a private viewing of this spectacular Artwork which is usually kept behind closed doors.


Norman Castle and Blitz experience - £20 extra per tour

 Why not extend the tour to take a look at the Norman Castle remains and Blitz damage in Castle Park.

We aim for your day to be unforgettable so use this page as a guide and feel free to

ask questions, send requests and create your own unique experience.


Want to see more?

Take a look at our excusions page to see what's available outside of the city..

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Bristol and Beyond..

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Your wish is our command

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