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Bristol, Bath
and beyond

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An experience like no other


Explore and indulge


About your tour

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Join us for a magical journey through Bristol's fascinating past into it's vibrant present.


From taverns visited by Blackbeard to walls painted by Banksy we cover it all.

Our bespoke tours offer a truly unique experience which will leave you amazed, engaged and indulged.

Whether you'd like to explore Bristol's old town, harbourside or contemporary Street Art we can show you it all.

If you don't fancy walking we can even provide a chauffeur driven sightseeing tour in our lovely convertible Beetle called Dephine!


What's on Offer?

See glamorous Clifton Village or the historic harbourside. Bohemian Stokes Croft or St. Nicholas Market. Visit Robinson Crusoe's first point of call and Long John Silver's Inn. Observe 1940's Blitz damage alongside sights from film and TV

Tour medieval buildings, Civil War defences, Castle remains and learn about the city's pivotal role in the slave trade.

Witness the evolution of Street Art from illegal begninings to the creative force which now provides so much character to the city.

Your guide will be thrilled to show you all things Bristol!

We even have exclusive access to WW11 Air Raid shelters beneath the streets and backstage areas once used by the Rolling Stones, the Who and Led Zeppelin.

To top it all, we have the keys to the roof of the Corn Exchange (Bristol's most important building) for a perspective of the old town which is unrivalled and unavailable to the public.


Go places which are simply not accessible any other way!


You might even meet Margaret our friendly ghost!

You call the shots!


Feel free to set the schedule with timings, locations, preferred activities or themes.

If you've an area you'd like to visit, a painting you'd like to see or a museum you'd like to take a look at we can build an itinerary to suits your requirements.

Alternatively, if you would like us to provide a complete schedule then we'll be more than happy to help.

Just give us a rough idea of what you're thinking and we'll do the rest!

Suggested themes 

Pirates, Street Art, the Old Town and Harbourside, Slave Trade, WW1, Civil War, Ancient History, Literature or all of the above!


Maybe you'd like to include some street food at St. Nicholas market, sample local cider on the harbourside or have a private Gin tasting with friends?

Your guide can meet you at your hotel or why not start with some bubbles at the Avon Gorge or Harbour hotel?

Just think of your dream itinerary and we will make it happen.

We truly can provide a tour like no other..

Your Guide












Your guide will be Duncan Mckellar; Founder of the Blackbeard to Banksy walking tour, St. Nicholas Market walking tour, Secret Bars and Speakeasies tour and established Street Artist.

His expert knowledge of Bristol and unparalleled connections allow privileged access which is simply not available anywhere else.

Duncan will show you beneath the skin of this great city providing a comprehensive yet concise inside view. From the earliest Iron age forts to what it takes to make Street Art in the dead of night. Duncan can tell you all there is to know..


Unique behind the scenes access

Beyond Bristol

We can effortlessly explore every area of Bristol from affluent Clifton to Bohemian Stokes Corft.

If this overview of the nation's most vibrant city leaves you wanting more or you'd rather see it from the comfort of a leather seat then don't worry!

Outside of Bristol we can take you to Bath, Stone Henge, Cheddar Gorge or to the beautiful Wye Valley to see Castles and spectacular scenery in our lovely convertible  Beetle called Delphine!


(See our                                     section for more details.)


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